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Cardiology Testimonials

Nearly 40  years of hard work  long hours not eating properly and poor diet had taken its toll  so when I woke on that morning with indigestion and pain in my chest it came as no surprise that something was wrong with my heart  999  was a hard number to ring but it’s a must ,once arriving at the Lab where Dr. Konrad  Grosser was on duty the whole  event became a lot less fraught and  easier to cope with  Konrad  and  his team were  extremely calm and most important of all his confidence reassured and calmed me his skill during the procedure meant  the medical bit was over in 22 minutes flat with little pain,  indigestion and pain in my chest had gone  I was feeling better than I ever had felt for years and was home in 3 days to a life which is much different than before  certainly much fitter and healthier.

Dr. Konrad Grosser has given me a new life due to his skill and dedication to his profession.Thank you Konrad, Bryan S

Just a quick thank you for your thorough diagnosis and advice. My TIA and AFib were a major concern but I am now confident, following all the tests, medication and your guidance, that I can resume active life as normal. I am also grateful to your colleagues and staff at the QEQM Hospital, and particularly the Cardiac and Stroke units, for their prompt, professional and considerate care.Yours Sincerely, Peter B

In the spring of 2012 some chest discomfort indicated the possibility of deterioration in my heart condition following the fitting of a stent in 2000.  After an initial consultation in March 2012 with the cardiologist involved in 2000, an angiogram was proposed but my insurance would not meet the cost at London Bridge Hospital and referred me to Dr Grosser.

Following an initial consultation a stress test was quickly arranged.  The test showed no real cause for concern but based on the background and a concern over my wife’s future health it was agreed to proceed with an angiogram at William Harvey Hospital, the results of which led to a further investigation to see if stenting was an option.  Unfortunately this proved not to be the case and I was given a triple heart by-pass on 12.07.12 at Kings College Hospital.

During the period of investigation I found Dr Grosser to be most efficient, informative and communicative (even to the extent of telephoning me at home while he was on holiday to apologise for a minor problem with appointment dates).  He has a good sense of humour and had an excellent rapport with staff who were to assist while I was “on the table.”

Alan G, CEng MIET

I came under the care of Dr Grosser having been referred by another cardiologist, following my angiography.  It was deemed that further investigations were needed in order to determine the correct line of treatment for my angina.  I was seen promptly by Dr Grosser who carefully explained the nature of the investigations and their possible implications.  He took time and was exceptionally skilled at communicating the facts to me and my wife and involving me in all the decision making.  It was quite clear that he was fully familiar with the latest treatment research affecting my condition.  During the procedures in theatre he worked as the leader of a team which functioned very efficiently together in a considerate, kindly and reassuring way.  Each stage in the procedure was explained to be beforehand.  I had every confidence in him and his team.

Terence S - MBBS, MRCP,MPhil, FRCPsych

At the beginning of June I felt the occasional pressure in my chest, after about a fortnight I went to my doctor who said he thought I had angina.  On hearing this, combined with my family history I asked to be referred to a cardiologist.  I had been recommended to see Dr Konrad Grosser at my local hospital.  After my first consultation he arranged for me to have an ultrasound, cardiogram and a treadmill test which showed that there was a problem.  My theory had  been that it was just stress and nothing physically wrong.

It was arranged for me to have an angiogram the following week.  This showed that I would need a stent, possibly two.  The following week I had one stent implanted and thankfully did not need the other.  I found the whole episode, although quite frightening, was dealt with efficiently, quickly and most of all kindly with everything explained to me.

Dr Grosser is a calm, reassuring doctor who I would recommend to anyone who thinks they have a problem.  As I said I thought it was just stress but if I had ignored the symptoms it would have given me a more serious outcome. Many thanks to Konrad for all that you have done for me, Lynne N

Thank you to Dr Grosser & Staff, With gratitude. Many thanks for all of your professional help.  It was very reassuring to know I was in the hands of a true expert.

Derek B

I would like to thank you for the excellent advice and treatment afforded to me when attending your clinic. As you know I had moved into the area and thus was too far to see my previous cardiologist, and was, I think, understandably apprehensive about taking advice and treatment from a different specialist.As you know you have been assessing my medication on a regualr basis now and have made recommendations for change which I have followed, and I am extremely pleased with the results. My visit to your practice to undertake a treadmill test and echocardiagram were very satisfactory, all the staff involved treated me kindly and with respect.
All in all I am now very pleased that I made the switch to come under your care, and look forward to continuing being aligned with your cardio practice.

Yours sincerely, Gerry R

In March this year I had chest pains; I’d been having them on and off for two months, but that day they persisted. I was already on mild medication for slightly high blood pressure and I was a little concerned.

My wife took me to A&E where they kept me overnight. No problem was found. The specialist in the hospital recommended a nuclear scan.

I saw my GP, but wasn’t given a lot of information. I then decided to have a consultation with Dr Grosser. I was very impressed. The initial consultation was very thorough, very friendly and I was completely at ease. Dr Grosser felt that my problem had been in the heart wall and he was not too concerned as everything else was alright. He suggested fine tuning my medication and I left his office feeling much more reassured. Shortly afterwards I received a copy of the letter he had written to my GP explaining my condition and his suggestions to alter my medication. Within days of taking extra medication, I felt much better.

Dr Grosser is very reassuring, keeps you fully informed, offers good advice and treats you with great respect. Equally important for me as one of his patients I know that I can always contact him at any time.

Mike M


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