E-cigarettes, also known as vapes, are advertised as being a healthier alternative to smoking. With a choice of enticing flavours and a less noticeable odour, it’s no surprise these tobacco alternatives have surged in popularity. But beneath the veil of this so-called ‘safe smoking,’ there lurks a less glamorous, and frightening reality.

While e-cigarettes may not produce the same second-hand smoke as standard cigarettes, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a heart-friendly option.

In recent years, mounting scientific evidence suggests that vaping can significantly harm your heart health. In some cases, these effects are comparable to those of traditional cigarettes.

Here, we look at the heart health risks associated with e-cigarettes, and the dangers for young vapers.

Understanding the heart health risks of e-cigarettes

As e-cigarettes are relatively new to the market, we’re still figuring out what their long-term health impacts could be. However, what’s becoming clearer by the day is that these devices might be quite troublesome for heart health.

Some scientific findings suggest that e-cigarettes packed with nicotine could trigger immediate responses in our bodies, like a spike in blood pressure and heart rate. Other research, like the recent study conducted by the American Heart Association, have discovered that using e-cigarettes could potentially up the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other heart-related issues.

Exactly why these risks exist isn’t totally clear yet. But it is commonly believed that the chemicals found in e-cigarettes could be causing irritation in the blood vessels. This irritation might lead to inflammation, which could increase the chances of heart disease down the line.

The worrying rise in young vapers

The potential risks e-cigarettes bring are even more concerning for young people. Their bodies, including their hearts and lungs, are still growing, and developing, making them more likely to be affected by harmful substances.

Research shows that young vapers are more likely to end up with respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. They are also more likely to get hooked on nicotine, which can lead to a whole host of health and development problems.

If you’re a young person thinking about trying e-cigarettes, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks. They’re far from being harmless and could seriously impact your health. For those already vaping, it’s advisable to stop. Lots of help is available, including counselling, medication, and support groups.

If you’re worried about your cardiovascular health, schedule an appointment with Dr Konrad Grosser. Monitoring your heart health while vaping is essential to catch any potential problems early. With his calming and relaxed manner, Dr Grosser will help to put you at ease from the start to the end of your appointment.