Nearly 40 years of hard work, long hours not eating properly and poor diet had taken its toll, so when I woke on that morning with indigestion and pain in my chest it came as no surprise that something was wrong with my heart. 999 was a hard number to ring but it’s a must, once arriving at the Lab where Dr. Konrad Grosser was on duty the whole event became a lot less fraught and easier to cope with. Konrad and his team were extremely calm and most important of all his confidence reassured and calmed me his skill during the procedure meant the medical bit was over in 22 minutes flat with little pain, indigestion and pain in my chest had gone. I was feeling better than I ever had felt for years and was home in 3 days to a life which is much different than before, certainly much fitter and healthier.
Dr. Konrad Grosser has given me a new life due to his skill and dedication to his profession. Thank you