Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital
30th September 2019


I was referred to this doctor as I had a tachycardia episode in December in 2018. When I was seen at the beginning of 2019 I explained to him that I have problems with reactive mast cells and I think that, that is the cause of many of my problems including this tachycardia episode. He was the first Doctor that has listened to what I had to say and also read the specialist report which confirmed this and then prescribed me medication Sodium Cromoglicate capsules, Ranitidine and Fexofenadine for this and arranged a heart echo to make sure. This year is the best I have felt in many years and I can now eat and drink most things , symptoms have improved and my quality of life has improved 100%. Had a follow up appointment today 30/09/2019 and this Doctor was as good as the first appointment would highly recommend.