In the spring of 2012 some chest discomfort indicated the possibility of deterioration in my heart condition following the fitting of a stent in 2000. After an initial consultation in March 2012 with the cardiologist involved in 2000, an angiogram was proposed but my insurance would not meet the cost at London Bridge Hospital and referred me to Dr Grosser.

Following an initial consultation a stress test was quickly arranged. The test showed no real cause for concern but based on the background and a concern over my wife’s future health it was agreed to proceed with an angiogram at William Harvey Hospital, the results of which led to a further investigation to see if stenting was an option. Unfortunately this proved not to be the case and I was given a triple heart by-pass on 12.07.12 at Kings College Hospital.

During the period of investigation I found Dr Grosser to be most efficient, informative and communicative (even to the extent of telephoning me at home while he was on holiday to apologise for a minor problem with appointment dates). He has a good sense of humour and had an excellent rapport with staff who were to assist while I was “on the table.”