At the beginning of June I felt the occasional pressure in my chest, after about a fortnight I went to my doctor who said he thought I had angina. On hearing this, combined with my family history I asked to be referred to a cardiologist. I had been recommended to see Dr Konrad Grosser at my local hospital. After my first consultation he arranged for me to have an ultrasound, cardiogram and a treadmill test, which showed that there was a problem. My theory had been that it was just stress and nothing physically wrong.
It was arranged for me to have an angiogram the following week. This showed that I would need a stent, possibly two. The following week I had one stent implanted and thankfully did not need the other. I found the whole episode, although quite frightening, was dealt with efficiently, quickly and most of all kindly with everything explained to me.

Dr Grosser is a calm, reassuring doctor who I would recommend to anyone who thinks they have a problem. As I said I thought it was just stress but if I had ignored the symptoms it would have given me a more serious outcome. Many thanks to Konrad for all that you have done for me.