In March this year I had chest pains; I’d been having them on and off for two months, but that day they persisted. I was already on mild medication for slightly high blood pressure and I was a little concerned.
My wife took me to A&E where they kept me overnight. No problem was found. The specialist in the hospital recommended a nuclear scan.

I saw my GP, but wasn’t given a lot of information. I then decided to have a consultation with Dr Grosser. I was very impressed. The initial consultation was very thorough, very friendly and I was completely at ease. Dr Grosser felt that my problem had been in the heart wall and he was not too concerned as everything else was all right. He suggested fine-tuning my medication and I left his office feeling much more reassured. Shortly afterwards I received a copy of the letter he had written to my GP explaining my condition and his suggestions to alter my medication. Within days of taking extra medication, I felt much better.

Dr Grosser is very reassuring, keeps you fully informed, offers good advice and treats you with great respect. Equally important for me as one of his patients I know that I can always contact him at any time.