Written by a patient at William Harvey Hospital
11th September 2019


I have been a patient under Dr Grosser for a while, I have alway found him to be very straight forward and professional every time we met. I have total trust and confidence with all my treatments that have been carried out by Dr Grosser.

Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital
30th September 2019


I was referred to this doctor as I had a tachycardia episode in December in 2018. When I was seen at the beginning of 2019 I explained to him that I have problems with reactive mast cells and I think that, that is the cause of many of my problems including this tachycardia episode. He was the first Doctor that has listened to what I had to say and also read the specialist report which confirmed this and then prescribed me medication Sodium Cromoglicate capsules, Ranitidine and Fexofenadine for this and arranged a heart echo to make sure. This year is the best I have felt in many years and I can now eat and drink most things , symptoms have improved and my quality of life has improved 100%. Had a follow up appointment today 30/09/2019 and this Doctor was as good as the first appointment would highly recommend.

Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital
1st November 2019


Dr Grosser gave clear advice, he was very reassuring. His treatment for my problem worked extremely well. He clearly remembered me even though it had been 6 months since a previous appointment which was really nice as he must see hundreds of patients. All in all a most positive experience.

Dr Grosser was thoughtful and constructive when challenging my view point regarding my surgery and medication choices, ensuring that I understood the decisions I was making and provided further information for clarity. Prepared to listen to my views.

Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital
26th October 2019
Konrad Grosser

In March this year I had chest pains; I’d been having them on and off for two months, but that day they persisted. I was already on mild medication for slightly high blood pressure and I was a little concerned.
My wife took me to A&E where they kept me overnight. No problem was found. The specialist in the hospital recommended a nuclear scan.

I saw my GP, but wasn’t given a lot of information. I then decided to have a consultation with Dr Grosser. I was very impressed. The initial consultation was very thorough, very friendly and I was completely at ease. Dr Grosser felt that my problem had been in the heart wall and he was not too concerned as everything else was all right. He suggested fine-tuning my medication and I left his office feeling much more reassured. Shortly afterwards I received a copy of the letter he had written to my GP explaining my condition and his suggestions to alter my medication. Within days of taking extra medication, I felt much better.

Dr Grosser is very reassuring, keeps you fully informed, offers good advice and treats you with great respect. Equally important for me as one of his patients I know that I can always contact him at any time.

Mike M

Dr Grosser first treated me when I suffered a heart attack in October 2017, he made me feel comfortable, relaxed and then again asked to see me again as a follow up 6 months later to check everything was fine, again talked me through everything before and after the procedure – I totally felt at ease in his care

10th May 2018Written by a patient at William Harvey Hospital

Dr Grosser recently fitted me with a Stent at the William Harvey Hospital at Ashford At a previous meeting he had described the procedure in full detail, the reasons why one was needed, the benefits and any possible problems. I was also briefed before the operation. On both occasions I found his manner very friendly and more than willing to answer any questions in lay mans terms. Whilst he came across as very professional there was no arrogance with him which helped considerably and enabled me to relax.

11th May 2018Written by a patient at William Harvey Hospital

Dr Grosser was very kind and patient and willing to listen to questions and explain. He helped to put my mind at rest and I am very grateful to him. I am writing this review as if I were my husband
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14th May 2018Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Following my event Dr Grosser made me feel totally at ease by explaining exactly what had happened and what resulting surgery I needed and 1year later I am fully fit and well And following another appointment with him today I feel that I have made a full recovery.

16th May 2018Written by a patient at Kent and Canterbury Hospital