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I am committed to helping people with cardiovascular conditions to:

  • receive a prompt, accurate and detailed diagnosis
  • understand the nature and extent of their condition/s and how to manage the symptoms
  • experience the best quality of life they can by accessing the most up-to-date treatments and surgery
  • undergo minimally invasive techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • feel they are treated in a compassionate, professional and dignified way with their preferences fully taken into account
  • provide comprehensive aftercare to facilitate a speedy recovery and reduce discomfort
  • be able to spend as much quality time with their family and friends as possible
  • continue to enjoy life as fully as possible.

If you, or anyone in your family, is concerned about their heart health or has unexplained symptoms, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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    If you have been experiencing unusual heart and chest symptoms, put your mind at ease by seeking the help you deserve, or book for a heart screening test so you can actively work to prevent heart conditions in the future.