Trucheck screening

Patients can now get ahead of their health concerns with the arrival of Trucheck screening at Kent Cardio.

This revolutionary non-invasive blood-based test is designed to detect multiple cancers in their early stages. Not only can it help to avoid unnecessary tests, but it also increases the chances of successfully treating cancer by catching it in its very early stages.

What is Trucheck screening?

Trucheck screening is a state-of-the-art diagnostic test capable of identifying various types of cancers at early stages, even in those who are asymptomatic.

The technology behind Trucheck revolves around the detection and characterisation of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) and their clusters, which are indicators of cancer presence in the body. These cells can be found in the blood of nearly all cancer patients and can be a critical marker for early detection.

It has undergone extensive clinical validations, involving over 40,000 participants, proving its effectiveness and reliability. Put simply, Trucheck screening is a lifesaving detecting tool that could help to save thousands of patients each year.

Protecting your overall health with proactive screenings

Detecting cancer early can dramatically increase the chances of successful treatment and survival. However, traditional diagnostic methods such as CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRI scans are typically only carried out once symptoms are present and the cancer has progressed.

With Trucheck, patients can now take a more proactive approach to protecting their health without the need for hospital visits or invasive testing. With a simple blood test, we can check for up to 70 different types of cancers.

There’s no waiting times, and you won’t need to worry about any potential risks like you would with more invasive procedures.

These simple yet highly effective blood tests are convenient, cost effective, and provide peace of mind, ensuring that if there is something wrong, we can catch it early.

Book your Trucheck screening appointment

Take the first step towards protecting your health by booking your Trucheck screening appointment today. The test will be performed by Dr Konrad Grosser, a renowned holistic health clinician and consultant cardiologist. His approach to health is prevention, screening and reversing disease where possible.

If cancer isn’t detected, Dr Grosser will utilise a systems biology based approach to get to the root cause of your symptoms. This may include carrying out advanced diagnostics, alongside assessing other systems such as your GUT (microbiome, digestion, acid), endocrine or immune systems, as well as your metabolism to identify their role in your symptoms.

After diagnosing the issue, he will work with you to develop a personalised future health and screening plan for cancer prevention and detection along with good nutrition, exercise, stress management and mental wellbeing. Secure your appointment today and experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive health management.