Heart Disease

Nobody likes to work longer hours than they need to. However, unfortunately many of us have no choice but to work harder and longer than we should. Worryingly, this could be putting you at risk of heart disease.

With the cost-of-living crisis putting increased strain on families to bring in extra cash, more people than ever before are working long hours. Now, a new study has revealed that doing so could increase your risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

So, what are the dangers of working long hours and how can you look after your heart health?

Long working hours increase risk of heart disease

Published in the European Health Journal in 2017, a multi-cohort study revealed that those who work long hours have an increased risk of developing heart disease. The World Health Organisation also released estimates that in 2016, approximately 745,000 deaths from a heart attack or stroke were linked to working long hours.

Findings suggest that men are more at risk. Working around 55 hours per week puts you at a much greater risk of heart disease than working 35-40 hours a week. So how do long working hours increase the risk?

It is all down to the increased stress, lack of sleep, and increased blood pressure over time. When combined, these three factors can cause havoc for our health. And it isn’t just heart disease that becomes more of a risk from working long hours.

Other health issues related to long working hours

It isn’t just your physical health that can suffer when you work long hours. It can also take a toll on your mental health. This includes anxiety and depression, and mental fog. You’ll find it hard to concentrate, and you’ll also struggle to sleep well. This in turn contributes to a wide range of health problems.

The risks of working long hours are serious, and they need to be addressed by employers. While the odd late shift isn’t likely to have much of an effect, if you work 55 or more hours regularly each week, you’re going to be in for serious health issues.

How can you reduce the risk?

The most obvious way to reduce the risk of developing health issues due to working long hours, is to work less. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

If you can’t reduce your hours, there are holistic and functional approaches that can help you to protect your health. Mr Konrad Grosser can help you with this, rebalancing the body if high blood pressure or arrhythmia occurs. He will help you to address the root cause, so you can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Importantly, he will help you to avoid a life-threatening stroke or cardiac arrest.

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